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Nelson Irrigation's inverted S10 Spinner irrigates container grown plants in a Willamette Valley nursery.
Inverted S10 Spinner

Producing high-grade plants in a greenhouse setting requires a highly uniform irrigation system.

Commercial greenhouses come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but all need superior consistency. Nelson Irrigation’s extensive product line is used worldwide to meet the unique needs of each greenhouse and crop, providing the consistent performance that plants need to flourish. Choose between a hanging (inverted) solution or sprinklers mounted upright on risers—Nelson Rotator® Sprinklers, Spinners, and accessories work together to provide uniformity and longevity so nursery operators’ businesses can grow.

Nelson Irrigation's inverted S10 Spinners irrigating nursery stock in a hoop house in Walla Walla, Washington.
S10 Spinners and Mini Regulator Drain Checks in action.

Incorporate the full range of Nelson products.

Nelson products are world-class, and they work even better as a team. Add the Mini Regulator and Mini Regulator Drain Check to our Rotator and Spinner systems for excellent sprinkler coverage with uniform performance across the entire house. The Mini Drain Check with integral ½" or ACME threads help Nelson Irrigation systems prevent line drainage when the system is turned off. This is especially beneficial with smaller plant materials and liners.

Nelson 1000 Series Control Valves are often used in greenhouses in either drip or sprinkler irrigation. The high quality, smooth opening and closing speeds, and accurate pressure control pilots ensure proper irrigation controls no matter what your setup.

The MP Rotator® is a great part-circle option for the edge of high tunnel structures.
The MP Rotator® is a great part-circle option for the edge of high tunnel structures.

High tunnels (a.k.a. hoop houses) are dotting the landscape of many agricultural and even urban settings.

High tunnels provide an intermediate level of protection from the elements and allow growers to manage nursery stock or edibles without going so far as constructing a permanent greenhouse. This versatile structure can be a supplemental growing facility for a small family or farm, or it can be an add-on to a big operation. Irrigation systems for high tunnels are similar to those used in container grown plots or greenhouses, depending on the size of the structure.

Since many of these plants have a high dollar value, high uniformity is crucial. MP Rotator® Sprinklers are an excellent choice for high tunnels where perimeter sprinklers are often more practical than hanging sprinklers.

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