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Brown plate center pivot sprinkler
The Rotator® Provides Widest Throw on Center Pivot Drops

Save water, save energy, and do a better job of irrigating.

Since Nelson Irrigation Corporation was founded in 1972, we’ve maintained the same mission statement: save water, save energy, and do a better job of irrigating. We’ve spent decades enhancing the state of the art and providing a variety of highly efficient irrigation components that provide energy savings, higher-grade growing, and soil conservation.

Low pressure center pivot sprinklers
Choose the right sprinkler, spacing, and pressure for the crop, climate, and soils.

The right tool for the job.

Sustainable irrigation involves using precious water and energy resources wisely. This starts with well-engineered systems that focus on selecting the correct products for the application. Misapplied products can lead to the loss of soil, water, and crop production. Proper selection, spacing, and height of sprinklers operated at the correct pressure is essential to uniform water distribution. In addition to having high uniformity, efficient systems must minimize evaporation of water from the air, foliage, and soil surface. Perhaps most importantly, they must also match application rates to soil intake rates to prevent wasteful and environmentally damaging runoff. 

Vast differences in crops, soils, farming practices, and climatic conditions, coupled with regional differences in the availability (and quality) of water and energy, require an array of sprinkler performance characteristics. No other sprinkler manufacturer comes close to providing the custom solutions Nelson has available. Contact us for help selecting the right sprinklers, valves, and other irrigation components for your application.

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