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Cooling can enhance the color of apples.
Cooling can enhance the color of apples.

No heat is too intimidating for a Nelson sprinkler cooling system.

Cool your crop to enhance color and prevent damage from excessive heat. The Nelson sprinkler line covers many flow rates and droplet size options for a wide range of cooling needs, including very low application rates. The sprinkler models S7, R7, R5, R10, R10T, R2000LP, and R33LP all have fast rotation speeds, which is key for crop cooling. Rotator® Sprinklers lack vibration, allowing for the full spectrum of mounting options. Quick-connect and acme connections ease nozzle cleaning. The Nelson Mini Drain Check works with each Rotator model and prevents drain-down for rapid cycle systems.

Cooling the air provides only a small benefit, so uniform wetting is crucial.
Cooling the air provides only a small benefit, so uniform wetting is crucial.

Tips for sprinkler cooling.

  • Distribute water uniformly. Fruit is not cooled unless it is wetted fully and evenly. 
  • Automate zones using TWIG® Wireless Automation to run in short on-and-off cycles of 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Have an application rate high enough to prevent buildup of salts (Ca, Mg, Na, K), which can burn vegetation.
  • Install Nelson Drain Checks to prevent system drain down when cycling on and off.

R10/R10T Rotator® Sprinklers
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Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation
Rotator® Pocket Guide (Metric Units)
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Recommended products for Cooling
S7 Spinner

Quick-clean micro-sprinkler with flow control for one-per-tree irrigation

Flow: 8.5-75 gph (28-287 lph)

Pressure: 15-50 psi (1-3.4 bar)

Radius: 9-16 ft (2.7-4.9 m)

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R5 Rotator®

Micro-Rotator® for full coverage irrigation

Flow: 9-29 gph (34-110 lph)

Pressure: 15-40 psi (1-2.75 bar)

Radius: 7-18 ft (2.1-5.5 m)

Nozzle Size: #35-#50, 8.5-24 5FC

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R10 Rotator®

Low-volume sprinkler for under-tree or overhead irrigation.

Flow: 0.3-0.7 gpm (61-159 lph)

Pressure: 25-50 psi (1.8-3.4 bar)

Radius: 18-27 ft (5.5-8.2 m)

Nozzle Size: #40-60 2TN, 0.35-0.5 10FC

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R10T Rotator®

High flow version of the R10

Flow: 0.6-2.1 gpm (140-469 lph)

Pressure: 25-50 psi (1.8-3.7 bar)

Radius: 20-33 ft (6.1-10.1 m)

Nozzle Size: #8.3-10 2TN, 0.75-1.0 10FC

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R2000 Rotator®

Low to high trajectory sprinklers for tree and vine applications.

Flow: 0.7-3.5 gpm (150-792 lph)

Pressure: 30-60 psi (2-4 bar)

Radius: 21-37 ft (6.4-11.3 m)

Nozzle Size: #8.3-16 2TN, 0.85-2.5 2000FC

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R2000WF/R2000LP Rotator®

The Windfighter delivers maximum uniformity.

Flow: 0.9-5.7 gpm (204-1295 lph)

Pressure: 25-65 psi (1.75-4.5 bar)

Radius: 30-45 ft (9.1-13.7 m)

Nozzle Size: #10-20 2TN

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1000 Series Control Valves

The most efficient and accurate plastic zone control valve on the market.

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800 Series Control Valves

Original Nelson metal control valve made for extra heavy-duty reliability.

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TWIG-V Wireless Automation System

Remotely control your irrigation system from anywhere with the TWIG® mobile app and reliable TWIG® wireless products.

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