Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Updated Center Pivot Irrigation Page

Nelson’s New Center Pivot Irrigation Page Goes Live; Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About This System

The leader in agricultural and industrial water application has just launched a comprehensive guide on center pivot irrigation, complete with videos, articles, and FAQs.

 WALLA WALLA, Washington, December 22, 2022 - Nelson Irrigation announced today the launch of their newest web page. The comprehensive guide focuses on center pivot systems, which are one of the most efficient, effective, and economic mechanized irrigation solutions available. 

On the new page, you can learn all about center pivot technology and the many benefits it offers. You can also learn how to design a system tailored to your unique needs. Center pivot irrigation is incredibly adaptable, and with Nelson’s help, it can be configured to accommodate all kinds of crops, climates, soils, and farming practices. 

At their core, center pivots are the perfect platform for sprinklers to deliver the right amount of water in the right way, thereby prioritizing efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to the pivot sprinklers themselves, essential components include control valves, pressure regulators, and end guns, all of which you can learn about on the new web page. 

On the newly launched guide, you will also find several resources about creating the best center pivot irrigation package for your particular operation. For example, you can learn more about the required equipment, as well as what actual users have to say about its performance. Finally, there’s a handy glossary at the bottom, so you can familiarize yourself with all the industry terminology.

Nelson Irrigation has been perfecting center pivot irrigation systems for half a century. While their roots date back more than 100 years, the company as it’s known today has been developing high-performing, low-pressure products for the pivot market since the 1970s. With a commitment to supplying innovative water application solutions from day one, they’re still providing equipment with the most cutting-edge technology. Whereas operating pressures of 50 psi were once standard within the industry, for example, Nelson now has systems with pressures of just 6 to 10 psi. This decrease has also reduced the price of pumping greatly, making for more economical systems overall. 

About Nelson Irrigation

Nelson Irrigation provides state-of-the-art water application solutions for agricultural and industrial purposes. Because every operation is unique, so is every system we build. If you want to see if a center pivot irrigation system will meet your needs, reach out online today!

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