QC150 Valve & Key

The QC150 Valve and Key quick-coupling system makes portable Big Gun® sprinkler irrigation fast and easy.

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QC150 Valve & Key

QC150 Valve & Key

The Nelson Quick-Coupling (QC) Valve/Key system is an excellent solution for portable Big Gun® sprinkler systems. It allows the system to remain pressurized while the sprinklers are moved from position to position.  It is also compatible with TWIG Wireless controls, which greatly increases the efficiency of a portable system by reducing the number of moves required. Many growers have noted that cycling their sprinklers on/off - as opposed to running long continuous sets - not only saves labor, but also gets more water in the ground.

  • The QC valve is available with a 3" FNPT or FBSP inlet connection.
  • The QC key is available with a 3" Nelson flange for mounting to a 150 Series Big Gun® sprinkler.
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