High Volume

Automated Big Gun® Sprinklers

Your new best friend.

Irrigating a ranch with a Big Gun automation irrigation system
Big Gun Sprinklers shine in odd-shaped fields.

Make our most powerful sprinklers part of an automated solution.

The Nelson Big Gun® Sprinkler has always been the #1 choice for pasture irrigation and small farm plots. It irrigates a large area with minimal labor and stress. With the heavy-duty reliability of Nelson’s 800 Series Control Valves, the introduction of the 1000 Series Valves, and TWIG® Wireless Control System, the traditional solid set Big Gun Sprinkler system can be transformed into something revolutionary. Automate water application in feedlots, dairies, pastures, berry plantings, sugarcane fields, and irregular-shaped areas such as pivot corners.

Equine paddock irrigation system
An automated Big Gun Sprinkler system is a perfect solution for high-end horse ranches.

Automate portable systems for the first time.

While a fully automated solid set solution is the gold standard, this is not always practical or possible. Some growers may want to save on the capital cost of a project and take on a little labor that a portable system will require. However, historically the challenge with portable Big Gun systems has been the frequency of moves required to prevent overwatering and runoff. Now with the TWIG Wireless Control System and Nelson Quick-Coupling system, you can have a seamless system that is easy to move with excellent uniformity. A wireless control system is preferred over traditional wired systems due to long wire runs required and the resulting damage from lightning and rodents.

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