Big Gun® Sprinklers

SRNV100 Nozzle Valve

The field-proven SR100 Big Gun® sprinkler with an integrated, plug-free valve.

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Big Gun® Sprinklers

SRNV100 Nozzle Valve

SRNV100 Nozzle Valve

What's better than the industry standard SR100 pivot end gun? The SR100 with an integrated valve that has no friction loss, no turbulence, and no plugging. 

The SRNV100 can be operated with a solenoid, or automatically with the pressure increase from the booster pump using Nelson's novel "Delta P". The Delta P further improves reliability by eliminating the need for a costly and sometimes finicky solenoid. The Delta P automatically opens and closes the nozzle valve based on the boosted pressure.

To further reduce system plugging, during system startup the nozzle valve is open until the end pressure reaches approximately 8 psi. However, if at anytime the end pressure drops below 8 psi then the valve will open.

Designed specifically as a pivot end gun, the SRNV100 is available in 18° trajectory only, with 2" threaded FNPT or FBSP connection.

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