End of Pivot Products

P85AS Brass Impact

A time-tested, field-proven option for mid-range throw distance.

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End of Pivot Products

P85AS Brass Impact

Nelson end of pivot Brass Impact high volume sprinkler

Flow: 20-60 gpm (4.5-13.6 m3/hr)

Pressure: 30-60 psi (2.1-4.1 bar)

Radius: 50-80 ft (15-24 m)


This low angle, part circle pivot end gun sprinkler has been designed to meet the demanding conditions of pivot end gun operation where the flow rate and distance of throw required is less than that of Big Gun® Sprinklers. An optional diffuser is available for low pressure systems. It is also common to use two P85AS on the end of pivot to achieve the target application rate.

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