Impact Sprinklers

Full-Circle Impact Sprinklers

Nelson high angle impacts offer a number of exclusive features and advantages that combine performance and long life with minimum maintenance.

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Impact Sprinklers

Full-Circle Impact Sprinklers

Full-Circle Impact Sprinklers

The sturdy drive arm accompanied by the large impact surface allows for a consistent drive mechanism. The stainless steel arm and spring pin withstand even dirty water conditions, while its heavy-duty bearing contributes to a long life.

The F70 uses the 7RN nozzle series, and a stream straightener vane (7V) can be installed in the primary nozzle to increase radius of throw. Available with a secondary 3RN nozzle to increase in-close watering.

F80 1 1/4 Full-Circle Impact Sprinkler

F80 1 1/4" Full-Circle Impact Sprinkler

24° trajectory, 1.25" NPT, for solid set applications.

Flow: 21-110 gpm (4.8-25 m3/hr)

Pressure: 40-100 psi (3-7 bar)

Radius: 60-120 ft (18-36 m)

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