Pivot Sprinklers


Developed for the land application of wastewater, the Trashbuster is an excellent solution that provides both agronomic and environmental benefits.

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Pivot Sprinklers



Body Designed for Wastewater

The open architecture design of the body allows for debris to pass through more easily, alleviating build-up of material on the plate and body. By operating on drop tubes you can distribute effluent more days of the year, keep corrosive water off the pivot structure, eliminate excess wind/pathogen drift, and reduce odor.

The Trashbuster can be configured with either Sprayhead or Rotator plates (3TN or 3000FC nozzles only). It is not available with the 3030 series (3NV nozzles). For maximum coverage on an unregulated system, use the Green Rotator plate on drops, or the Blue Rotator plate up-top. For a basic sprayhead system, the Green, Yellow, or Orange plates work best.

Flow Control Nozzle

The Flow Control Nozzle (only available for the T3000 Series) not only eliminates the need for pressure regulators, but also passes debris more easily. Trashbuster sprinklers utilizing the 3000FC nozzle should be mounted on rigid drops, not flexible drop hoses.

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