In-line and modular weights are a great solution for keeping center pivot sprinklers from drifting on hose drop assemblies.

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Nelson Irrigation offers several weight options with different advantages.

Modular Weight

This 1 lb reusable weight is placed on the regulator body (or sprinkler body when not using regulator).

Slim Weight

The in-line hose barb x MNPT “slim” weight is a low profile zinc weight that fits directly into a flexible drop hose secured with a clamp, above a Nelson regulator and/or sprinkler. This provides a reusable weight option for the plastic cover versions of the O3000 and O3030 at 6, 10 or 15 psi (0.4, 0.7 or 1 bar) where the regulator must be installed directly onto the slim weight. No additional weight is allowed with the Orbitor. Available in 0.85 lb or 1 lb versions.

Coil Weight

The coil weight is available in (1 lb/0.45 kg or .85 lb/ 0.39 kg). Save a fitting with integrated Hose Barb x ¾” MNPT connection. The plastic cover secures over coil and prevents theft by hiding any shiny metal. Same mounting restrictions as the slim weight.

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