Rotator® Sprinklers

MS10 Rotator®

The MS10 is a high-volume, multi-stream, fast-turning Rotator® for uniform irrigation of container grown plants.

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Rotator® Sprinklers

MS10 Rotator®

MS10 Rotator® Irrigation Sprinkler

Flow: 0.99-4.48 gpm (220-1016 lph)

Pressure: 15-40 psi (1-2.8 bar)

Radius: 14-27 ft (4.3-8.2 m)

Nozzle Size: #12-20 2TN


The MS10 is an all new, revolutionary design that combines the benefits of Rotator and Spinner technology to maximize uniformity and radius of throw. It excels in outdoor nurseries with container grown plants. With more radius than an S10, R10TG, or any competitive option, it allows wider spacing which lowers system cost.

The MS10 can be mounted in either the upright or inverted position. It is available with either 1/2" MNPT or 1/2" Female Acme threaded connection. The 1/2" Female Acme thread is quick to remove for cleaning nozzles, and it is compatible with a variety of stake and tube assemblies. The acme thread also makes it easy to integrate with Nelson mini regulators.

The MS10 is also compatible with the road guard, so it can easily be used on field edges to prevent overwatering of adjacent beds, aisles, and roadways.

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