Rotator® Sprinklers

R10TG Rotator®

The R10TG is a Rotator® sprinkler specifically designed for irrigation in greenhouses and shade houses.

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Rotator® Sprinklers

R10TG Rotator®

R10TG Rotator® Irrigation Sprinkler

Flow: 1.3-5 gpm (290-1144 lph)

Pressure: 25-50 psi (1.75-3.5 bar)

Radius: 15-29 ft (5-9 m)

Nozzle Size: #12-20 2TN


The R10TG uses the same unique, patented drive principles and simplicity of design as our other Rotator models - with a special two-stream configuration that works well for this application. It has both slow moving streams to achieve a wide wetted pattern, and also streams to help penetrate dense plant canopy. All R10TG plates require a rigid mounting.

  • Durable and Reliable
  • High Uniformity
  • Low and High-flow Capacity
  • Easy-clean, Quick-change Nozzles
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