Pressure Regulators

1/2" Mini Drain Check

The MDC eliminates sprinkler drizzle at start up and shut down with a check valve feature.

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Pressure Regulators

1/2" Mini Drain Check

1/2 Mini Drain Check

The MDC is a check valve only that opens 2-5 psi (.14-.35 bar) below the nominal pressure rating. Available in 20 and 35 psi (1.4 / 2.4 bar) options.


  • Use in conjunction with R2000WF Rotator Sprinklers on high value vegetables to prevent washout of delicate seedbeds during system start up and shut down.
  • Prevent drain down and puddling of hanging (inverted) sprinkler systems in indoor nurseries and riding arenas.
MDC - Acme Threads

MDC - Acme Threads

1/2" Female Acme x 1/2" Male Acme

1/2" FNPT x 1/2" Male Acme

MDC - NPT Threads

MDC - NPT Threads

1/2” FNPT x 1/2" MNPT

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