Control Valves

800 Series Solid Set Big Gun® Valves

Reliable and simple automation of Big Gun® Sprinkler systems.

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Control Valves

800 Series Solid Set Big Gun® Valves

800 Series Solid Set Big Gun® Valves

The Nelson 800 Series solid set Big Gun® valve, also known as a "BGV", is the perfect solution for controlling Big Gun® Sprinklers. When combined with TWIG Wireless Automation, this "valve-gun" combo forms an effective and efficient package anywhere labor savings is the primary goal. From mines and haul road dust control systems, to high-end Rocky Mountain horse pastures, the automated valve-gun combo is a hard solution to beat.

This wafer-style valve comes ready to mount directly to the ANSI flange of any Big Gun. It also a includes an automatic drain to prevent standing water from freezing or corroding the sprinkler when the valve is off.

With durable cast iron or aluminum cages and an aluminum jacket, the 800 Series is ideal for high pressure, industrial, and corrosive applications where maximum durability is required.

The 2" valve is used with 75 and 100 Series Big Gun sprinklers, the 3" with 150 Series, and the 4" with 200 Series, respectively.

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