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SR75 18° Big Gun®

With proven dependability, performance, long wear life and reparability known from Big Gun® Sprinklers, the 18° SR75 is an affordable end gun option that performs well at low pressures.

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End of Pivot Products

SR75 18° Big Gun®

SR75 18° Big Gun®

Flow: 30-100 gpm (7-23 m3/hr)

Pressure: 25-60 psi (1.75-4 bar)

Radius: 70-90 ft (21-28 m)


The SR75 is an excellent option when flow or pressure are limited, but long range is still desired. When irrigating a full circle it can account for up to 17 additional acres (6.9 ha) on a standard 1/4 mile center pivot, or up to 9 additional acres (3.6 ha) when operating in the corners only.

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