Big Gun® Sprinklers

Full Circle F100

Ideal as a solid set or portable sprinkler in difficult to irrigate areas or industrial applications where labor is a premium.

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Big Gun® Sprinklers

Full Circle F100

Full Circle F100

The only sprinkler for hour after hour, year after year operation, the 100 Series is the preferred choice for tough applications. It offers the best balance of required pipe diameters, application rate, operating pressure and sprinkler spacing for solid and portable set systems.

Trajectories: 18° / 21° / 24° / 43°

Connections: Threaded / Flanged

Nozzles: Taper Bore / Taper Ring / Ring

Options: Anodized / Anodized & Powder Coated / Effluent Bearing Assembly / Vaneless Range Tube / Brakeless

Accessories: LP Drive Vane / Dust Shield / Counterbalance Kit / 12° Wedge Kit

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