Pressure Regulators

3/4" Regulator

The function of a pressure regulator is to reduce a varying inlet pressure to a constant outlet pressure, regardless of changes in the upstream pressure due to flow, elevation, pumping, etc.

Benefits of pressure regulation include a uniform depth of water application, and controlled sprinkler performance (flow and throw distance).

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Pressure Regulators

3/4" Regulator

3/4 Regulator

All New All-Flo

The newest regulator in the industry and winner of the 2020 Irrigation Association New Product Contest introduces maximum flow capacity, accuracy, and plug resistance.

  • One regulator for the entire pivot nozzle range: 0.5-20 gpm (0.1-4.5 m3/h) reduces inventory.
  • Efficient design saves energy by only requiring 5 psi pressure differential for accurate regulation.

Single Strut Seat Design Standard with Uni-Flo

The single-strut technology in the Uni-Flo regulator minimizes “hair-pinning” of debris around the inlet seat, providing more plug resistance for systems operating in dirty water conditions.

Patented Dampening System

The patented o-ring dampening system of all Nelson pressure regulators handles severe pressure surges to withstand water hammer.

Extended Performance and Precision Accuracy

Precision components coupled with an internally lubricated o-ring minimize frictional drag and hysteresis. Made of the toughest chemically resistant materials. 100% tested for accuracy.

Universal Square-Thread Connection Option

Integral adapter connects directly into all Nelson Pivot Sprinklers and creates an easy-to-assemble, economical pivot sprinkler package.


All-Flo PPR

Maximum flow capacity, accuracy, and plug resistance. One regulator for the entire pivot nozzle range: 0.5-20 gpm (0.1-4.5 m3/h)

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Accurate pressure regulation for center pivot and other irrigation applications from 0.5-12 gpm (0.11-2.72 m3/h).

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Accurate pressure regulation for high flows: 2-20 gpm (0.45-4.54 m3/h)

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