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S7 Spinner

The innovative Nelson S7 Spinner is designed to combat rising energy and labor costs.

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S7 Spinner

S7 Spinner Irrigation Sprinkler

Flow: 8.5-75 gph (28-287 lph)

Pressure: 15-50 psi (1-3.4 bar)

Radius: 9-16 ft (2.7-4.9 m)


The modular design of the S7 allows quick and easy nozzle exchange, and the Quick Clean (QC) technology reduces irrigator hours — simply turn, flush and reconnect. Special insect protection helps prevent plugging or stalling. 

  • Unique quick-connect, quick-clean features
  • Flow control options - nozzles are flow regulating at 15 PSI (1 bar)
  • Optional tree starter (break off) deflector tabs offer flexibility. 
  • Optional PVC Stakes prevent tubing damage from coyotes and other animals. 
  • Easy to change 1TN or 7FC nozzle system
  • Winner of the 2018 Irrigation Association New Product Award.
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