Big Gun® Sprinklers

200 Series Big Gun®

When you need to bring out the really Big Guns look to the 200 Series. Great for hose reel traveler irrigation, wastewater, and other dirty jobs that need maximum flow and throw distance.

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Big Gun® Sprinklers

200 Series Big Gun®

200 Series Big Gun® Sprinkler

Flow: 230-1200 gpm (52-272 m3/hr)

Pressure: 50-130 psi (3.5-9 bar)

Radius: 160-310 ft (48-95 m)

Trajectory: 21°, 24°, 27°


The 200 Series is the largest sprinkler in the Big Gun® family. It is most commonly used in hose reel traveler and industrial applications. It is capable of throw distance up to 310 ft (95 m) and flows up to 1200 gpm (272 m3/hr).

A wide range of options and accessories are available to solve the most diverse applications, including full- or part-circle models, multiple trajectories, different nozzle types, special coatings and effluent options.

Connections: Flanged / Threaded Adapters

Nozzles: Taper Bore / Ring

Options: Anodized / Anodized & Powder Coated / Effluent Bearing Assembly

Accessories: Counterbalance Kit / 12° Wedge Kit / Manure Kit

Full Circle F200

Full Circle F200

Full-circle operation ideal for wastewater and industrial applications.

Part Circle SR200

Part Circle SR200

Part-circle operation ideal for hose reel traveler irrigation and project edges.

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