The Orbitor features technology that eliminates the struts of a sprinkler body to provide outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low operating pressures.

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Pressure: 6-20 psi (0.4-1.4 bar)

Diameter: 36-60 ft (11-18.3 m)

Nozzle Size: #11-50


Streamlined Design

Designed with an innovative, bracketless assembly, debris hang up and water pattern misting common to conventional sprinklers are mitigated. Irrigators can expect long wear life, reliable operation, and durability, even in the toughest water conditions. The Orbitor is streamlined for excellent movement through canopy and over field obstacles.

Reduced Wind Drift and Evaporative Loss

Strutless sprinkler body design reduces droplet breakup, drift and drool.

Great Retrofit for Poly Weight Systems

The Orbitor is also available without the integrated weight for systems with existing weights. This plastic-cover version is a great retrofit option for systems that already have poly weights. It requires 3/4” NPT threaded weights only. Do not use any other slip weights. Pressure regulate to 10 psi (0.7 bar).

IMPORTANT! The Orbitor requires a minimum of 2’ (0.6 m) of reinforced flexible hose in the mounting assembly

Press, Spin, Click

At the heart of the 3030 Series is the new 3NV Nozzle. This innovative dial-nozzle combines multiple functions - nozzle flush, line flush, shutoff - all without removing the nozzle.

  • Prevent Overwatering: Use the integrated shutoff to selectively turn off sprinklers, especially in the first span. Eliminates the need for a ball valve on every sprinkler.
  • Superior Flushing: a quick and simple turn of the nozzle is all it takes to clean plugged sprinklers.
  • Save Labor: 3NV systems are easier to install and maintain.
O3030 Sprinkler with Multi-function 3NV Nozzle

O3030 Sprinkler with Multi-function 3NV Nozzle

Nozzle flush, line flush, and shutoff - all without removing the nozzle.

Also available without weight (plastic cover)

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