Rotator® Sprinklers

R33-NV/R33LP-NV Rotator®

R33-NV & R33LP-NV Rotators continue the standard of performance and value from Nelson Irrigation and Rotator® Technology in a 3/4” sprinkler. The new 3NV incorporates a multi-function nozzle for nozzle flush, line flush, shutoff - all without removing the nozzle. 

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Rotator® Sprinklers

R33-NV/R33LP-NV Rotator®

R33-NV/R33LP-NV Rotator® Irrigation Sprinkler

Flow: 2.8-11 gpm (638-2524 lph)

Pressure: 25-65 psi (1.8-4.5 bar)

Radius: 39-52 ft (12-16 m)

Nozzle Size: 9/64"-7/32"


The R33-NV uses Nelson’s proven Rotator® technology to provide longer throw distance, fight the wind and deliver uniform coverage. While brass sprinklers are prone to damage, clogging, and theft, the R33-NV is easy to clean, easy to repair, and costs less. The R33LP-NV is a low-pressure version of the R33-NV. The pressure range of the R33-NV is 40-65 PSI (2.75-4.5 bar), while the R33LP-NV is 25-50 PSI (1.75-3.5 bar).

Use the R33-NV and R33LP-NV for overhead irrigation, cooling, and environmental control for nursery crops, tree, vine, small fruit, and berry crops. It’s also perfect for revegetation, mining, and other specialty uses.

R33-NV Rotator®

R33-NV Rotator®

This 3/4" sprinkler is a great impact replacement (40-65 psi / 2.75-4.5 bar).

R33LP-NV Rotator®

R33LP-NV Rotator®

A low pressure R33 that operates from 25-50 psi (1.75-3.5 bar).

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