Control Valves

1000 Series Control Valves

The gold standard in zone control valves.

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Control Valves

1000 Series Control Valves

1000 Series Control Valves

Since its release in 2015, the 1000 Series has quickly become recognized by designers and irrigators as the de facto standard by which all control valves are measured. There simply isn't any other valve with better hydraulic performance - from the smooth open/close, to the ultra-accurate pressure control pilot and high flow capacity.

The most common application for the 1000 Series is zone control for sprinkler or drip irrigation. The valve also fits perfectly under a Big Gun® for solid set irrigation. The high flow capacity of the 4" valve makes it an economical solution for center pivot points that would typically use a 6" competitive valve. The 1000P 2" end of pivot valves reliably operate end guns and sprinklers.

The unique, modular design of the 1000 Series Valve will change the way systems are designed and managed. It provides ultimate flexibility in valve style and connection type while simplifying installation, troubleshooting and maintenance – great for the grower, installer and system designer.

  • Sizes: 2" / 3" / 4"
  • Styles: Inline / Tee / Elbow / Big Gun® Valve (BGV)
  • Connections: Wafer, Threaded, Victaulic, PVC Socket
  • Pressure: 10-40 psi / 18-80 psi / 30-150 psi
  • Material: Glass-filled Nylon

1000 Series On/Off Valves

Manual or solenoid controlled on/off valves.

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1000 Series Pressure Reducing Valves

Accurately maintain a constant downstream pressure.

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1000 Series Pressure Sustaining and Relief Valves

Accurately maintain a constant upstream pressure by relieving water as required.

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Certa-Set® Valves

Tee and elbow valves designed specifically for Certa-Set® PVC pipe systems.

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1000 Series Solid Set Big Gun® Valves

Economical control valves for automating solid set Big Gun® sprinkler systems.

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1000P End of Pivot Valve

Control valves for center pivot end guns (SR75 and SR100 Big Gun® sprinklers) and end sprinklers (R55 and R75)

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