Control Valves

800 Series Control Valves

Original Nelson metal control valve made for extra heavy-duty reliability.

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Control Valves

800 Series Control Valves

800 Series Control Valves

As a hydraulically operated sleeve-type valve, the 800 Series Control Valve is designed for versatility. The basic body can be equipped with several different options for controlling pressure and flow in piping systems ranging from drip irrigation to center pivot end guns. It’s also engineered for extremely high efficiency, resulting in low pressure loss and high flow capacity. Choose the 800 Series for extra heavy-duty reliability.

  • Material: Cast Iron or Aluminum
  • Sizes: 2" / 3" / 4" / 6" / 8"
  • Connections: Wafer / Threaded (2" & 3") / Victaulic (2" & 3")
  • Flange Adapters (allow the valve to be installed in the next larger pipe size): 4x6" / 6x8"
  • Pressure: 10-50 psi / 18-80 psi / 30-200 psi

800 Series On/Off Valves

Manual or solenoid controlled on/off valves.

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800 Series Pressure Reducing Valves

Accurately maintain a constant downstream pressure.

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800 Series Pressure Sustaining and Relief Valves

Accurately maintain a constant upstream pressure.

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800 Series Flow Control Valves

Prevent water hammer and protect system pipes.

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800 Series Solid Set Big Gun® Valves

Control valves for automating solid set Big Gun® Sprinkler systems.

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800P End Gun Valve

Control valve for SR75 and SR100 end guns

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